Virtual Mind Coach

Empower yourself and boost your life by tackling stress with psychological methods


Manage your life

Learn to manage your mind in the transition moments, and take a grip to the challenges before they become obstacles. Improve your reactions and change your habits.

Improve your mind

Online tools for improving and optimizing your social, emotional and thinking skills. Become mentally more flexible!

Relax your mind

Relieve stress, visualise meaningful moments, distance negative thoughts and focus on the present moment.


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Newolo Virtual Mind Coach
60 € for 6 months access

You get 6 months access to the certified programme and it’s online tools, with 10 stages that include interactive exercises, mental fitness videos and guidance for relaxation. The Newolo Virtual Mind Coach has been designed for tablet and computer displays.

  • Each stage lasts about 30 minutes (total 10 stages).
  • Each stage is based on themes and includes interactive exercises and videos.
  • Psychological methods lead the training process. According to studies, the mind requires time to change, so, there are breaks in between stages to practise exercises and apply the skills you have learnt.


Mind therapy tools
for 6 months

Studies says that you can retrain your mind in only 66 days on average! Newolo provides you with online tools for 6 months to change your everyday life. Achieve long lasting good results with a continuous training!

"Great way to solve stress and think positively, focus on long term changes."

Philippe, 48


Training with your friend

Download the Newolo reflection cards and enhance the training results by performing the whole program together with a friend. Register for free to download the cards.

Our Mission

Personal coaching and support available anytime to anyone who is going through a challenging life transition.

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