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Our story

Personal coaching and support shall be available anytime to anyone who is going through major life transitions.

The concept and core ideas of Newolo were born in 2006 when Juho, one of the co-founders, embarked upon an 1100km walk in northern Spain, from the Pyrenees to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. “It was a classical mid-life crisis with a divorce, a fight against the cancer, a work identity crisis and the re-evaluation of personal values." This upheaval laid the foundation for the next chapter in his life and made Juho believe that everybody should have the same opportunity to stop, think, reflect and plan to achieve a more meaningful everyday life, online and globally.

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words;
Choose your words, for they become your actions;
Drive your actions, for they become your habits;
Develop your habits, for they become your character;
Sharpen your character, for it becomes your destiny.
For what you think, you will become.

Juho’s ideas resonated strongly with Philippe who had wrestled with similar thoughts and emotions. "Had I been able to understand and master my emotions better, it would have enabled me to tackle stress, avoid burnout, make better choices, and live a more balanced and happier life”, says Philippe, one of Newolo founders.

Together Juho and Philippe decided to make these ideas a reality and gathered a team of leading psychologists, researchers and online business experts to create Newolo Virtual Mind Coach, a premium personalized online tool that teaches smart thinking and emotional skills. Newolo was founded in 2011.

After several years of development and constant refining, the concept and methodology of Newolo were approved by the German authorities and Newolo was certified in 2014 in Germany as a stress prevention tool. Newolo's license is refunded to German citizens by their health insurance companies.

Contact us

Newolo Ltd.
Tehtaankatu 27-29 D
00150 Helsinki, Finland
VAT ID FI23919597



Philippe Santraine
Managing Director, Co-founder
+358 45 354 7755

Juho Juutilainen
Creative Director, Co-founder
+358 440 550 711

Sami Niemi
Business partner, Head Coach
+358 440 550 711


Stefan Sillmann
Business partner, Head Coach
+49 171 499 7736

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