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Certified & Recommended

Newolo Virtual Mind Coach is part of the German health insurance refund system. It is the only Finnish online stress prevention course certified, recommended and refunded by the German health insurance companies.

The certification (pdf)

Great ratings


Our users rate the Newolo Virtual Mind Coach usefulness very high, giving is a great NPS rating. Results here are from a survey carried out in October 2015. We keep on developing our online coaching continuously to serve better our clients and their friends and families. A change in one person has a huge multiplier effect on their environment, be it at work or at home.

Our customers and partners

Recommended by professionals - Loved by users

“Great way to solve stress and think positively, focus on long term changes.”

Philippe, 48


“Simple and easy way to influence own wellbeing.”

Marianne, 50


“Great tool to get through the life transitions.”

Ulla, 31


“Fantastic and calming learning environment throughout the programme. I feel empowered.”

Marja, 35